Kiddie Center graduate returns

May 31, 2018 at 6:00 AM

baptismjanremel.jpgRev. Ben Cayaon (left) baptizes Jan Remel Tabi in the South China Sea in March. Jan Remel was the speaker at this year's Kiddie Center graduation.  (Photo submitted)

Kiddie Center graduate returns

By Dan Breen Dan short 3.jpg

The Luke Society sows many spiritual seeds in the lives of children, but there’s often little way of knowing if those seeds will eventually bear fruit. For one young Filipino man, the bountiful fruits of harvest are being seen in his life.

When Jan Remel Tabi stepped onto the stage of the Luke Society Palawan’s Kiddie Center graduation in March, it was a place he had been before. Fourteen years earlier he walked across the same stage in cap and gown to receive his diploma from the Kiddie Center  —  a Christian preschool at Dr. Susie and Rev. Ben Cayaon’s ministry in Quezon, Philippines.

Jan was back now — not as a child, but as a mature young man. In a few weeks, he would be graduating cum laude from the Palawan State University with a degree in secondary education. He was asked to be the commencement speaker for the 19th Kiddie Center graduation. He credits the Kiddie Center for establishing some of the formative building blocks in his life.

Sixty children were a part of the Kiddie Center this year and 21 graduated from the program under the theme, “Press on toward the goal.”

But an even more significant event happened in Jan’s life during his return to Quezon. Since he was 8 years old, his parents have allowed him to attend the Lighthouse Baptist Church, with one stipulation: He could not be baptized.

Twelve years later, Jan was ready to make a public commitment of his faith on his own accord. His growing belief and his witness in home and school have touched his parents’ hearts. Though they do not attend the same church, they finally gave the consent for Jan and his sisters to be baptized.

“His life is indeed a living testimony of God’s grace and an inspiration to our ministry,” Dr. Susie said.

Give thanks to the Lord for the way he answers prayers, especially in the lives of children and young people. May there be many more lives that the Luke Society touches with an eternal impact.

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