Keeping the world in prayer

January 16, 2017 at 6:00 AM

This mudslide in the San Juan, Guatemala, region caused considerable damage in a short period of time and produced headaches for many.

Keeping the world in prayer

By Nathan Stob

Every once in a while one of the Luke Society ministry directors will e-mail us, telling about a significant piece of news that is happening by them.

Maybe their country is going through a tumultuous election, had an earthquake, or is seeing dramatically increased crime.

I search for these stories online, but many times can find very little news about them. 

I like hearing about the daily lives of the Luke Society ministry directors for a number of reasons:

1. They make me aware of how God is at work in our world. CNN doesn’t cover the work of the Holy Spirit throughout the world. Headlines don’t tell of the small bands of Christians that are gathering to encourage each other in small corners of the world.

2. They make me slow down and reflect on others. These stories do not make me less busy, but they do allow me an opportunity to have a less busy heart. By reflecting on the different ministries, we are given a chance to dive into ministry directors’ struggles, caring for them in their oftentimes difficult situations, which naturally pushes towards prayer.

3. They allow me to engage in their work through the blessing of prayer. Most times I find the stories require me to ask God to change the situations happening around the world and then trust that God does, “give attention to the cry and to the prayer that your servant prays” (2 Chronicles 6:19). 

As the Luke Society, we would like you to join us in learning about the work of the Spirit around the world, in slowing down and reflecting, and in engaging in prayer.

One catalyst we provide to help this happen is the Global Allies in Prayer Newsletter.  We try to make the ministry director stories accessible through this short document which gets e-mailed to more than 750 prayer warriors each month.

If you would like to receive the GAP newsletter to help stimulate your prayer, e-mail our office at

Through your prayers, may you stand in awe at the way God is at work throughout the world.


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