July GAP newsletter

July 01, 2020 at 6:00 AM

shevchenko-family.jpgDr. Alexander Shevchenko and his wife, Irina, contracted COVID-19 in May and had to be separated from children (L-R) Dominica, Victoriya and Liliya. They’ve since recovered.

July GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob  Nathan short.jpg

LUGANSK, UKRAINE—Dr. Alexander Shevchenko, one of three doctors directing the Lugansk, Ukraine, ministry, was isolated in May in the infectious disease hospital for a positive COVID-19 test.

Shevchenko wrote to us that these were challenging times as he was isolated from his wife, Irina, who was in another ward with a positive test, and from his three children, who were temporarily placed in a children’s hospital.

Shevchenko wrote that he felt “disappointed and discouraged” during this time when his “family was temporarily torn” apart. But he said, “the Lord showed mercy to me. He came and supported me. I continued reading the Scriptures, and little by little I began to communicate with [patients] on spiritual topics. At some point in time, one of the roommates noticed that I was calm and different from the other patients. I understood that the Lord was working. I saw the Lord touching people. They asked questions.”

He went on to hold services in the hospital where people prayed, sang psalms and the story of salvation was shared.

These truly are difficult times in Ukraine and around the world. I do not want to minimize the pain many people are experiencing around the world, yet, I also believe that God is at work through these trials.

Let us pray that someday we will all be able to say alongside Dr. Shevchenko, “I am grateful to God for all the trials that He gives, because…after them, we become a completely different quality. Faith is strengthened and we are tempered like steel, becoming suitable for the services that the Lord has prepared for us.”

Let us pray that God works through the trials the world is facing right now. May the Luke Society ministry directors and their staffs be strengthened to do the Lord’s work, and may God pour out his mercy upon them as they labor to bring the hope of Christ to our profoundly broken and hurting world.

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