The joy of family miracles

April 09, 2018 at 6:00 AM

senegalkrall.jpgDr. Diane Krall poses for a photo with a family in Senegal during a recent trip with her Partnership Ministry Team. (Photos submitted)  

(Editor's note: Dr. Diane Krall is a family practice doctor from Groveland, IL. She and her husband, Kyle, are members of a Partnership Ministry Team to Dr. Ousmane Soh's ministry in Dahra, Senegal.)

The joy of family miracles

By Diane Krall

Seeing God work miracles is something that we will never grow tired of on our trips to Senegal.

A miraculous answer to prayer was our visit to a Christian Fulani home. We prayed over the husband and wife four years ago when we were there. Their marriage was troubled, and they had adopted several children, along with their own toddlers. We have prayed for them ever since. This year, their faces shone with peace when we arrived.

Their home was joyful. The wife had been in tears four years ago, stone-faced two years ago, and now was smiling and beaming while offering us tea and roasted nuts.

The children played soccer with my husband, Kyle, and some of the men with us in the yard. It was a great encouragement to us to see the answer to prayer. Christ can redeem and restore marriage! It is an important picture of his love for the church. In a culture without a complete Bible yet, this marriage takes on even more significance.

As a PMT, we often feel so limited in our ability to express our love and support for the vision and ministry God has given our director, Dr. Ousmane Soh. But with each visit we feel more a part of the culture and a part of the family of believers there. 

We leave part of our hearts when we leave, hoping that it makes up for all the time and work we cost Dr. Soh. We bring his burden back with us, too.

Maybe that is the value of the Partnership Ministry Team model. Jesus says his burden is light. Perhaps it is because he always meant for us to minister together.

For us, being a PMT means the burden of Dr. Soh's ministry is divided, and the joy of ministry in Senegal is multiplied!

Dr. Ousmane Soh is the director of the Luke Society ministry in Dahra, Senegal.

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