January GAP newsletter

January 03, 2018 at 6:00 AM

cameroon-paul.jpgDr. Paul Atem of the Mt. Zion Clinic in Cameroon gives a tour of his new clinic to be completed later this year.     (Photo by Dr. Greg Kuiper)

January GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob

Several Luke Society building projects are scheduled to be completed in 2018. Pray that these buildings would be places of rest and healing for wounded bodies and tired souls. Pray the hurting may take refuge within their walls.

The following is a list of building projects currently taking place:

Dahra, Senegal, Africa: Dr. Ousmane Soh’s clinic is receiving finishing touches with plans to dedicate the building in March. Dr. Soh reaches out to the nomadic Fulani tribe. His clinic is strategically located near a large cattle market.

Southern Laos, Asia: Clinic construction has been halted because of government regulation and suspicion of evangelism. Pray that work may continue.

Bamenda, Cameroon, Africa: Dr. Paul Atem plans to have his clinic enclosed in the first half of 2018. Pray that this clinic will assist Dr. Atem as he saves lives, spreads Biblical truths and counsels young girls who seek abortions.

Quininde, Ecuador, South America: Dr. Yeny Agila will dedicate her clinic in November. This is exciting for this poor area which lacks medical professionals. Pray for Dr. Yeny as she continues to recruit physicians to work at the clinic.

Moundou, Chad, Africa: Dr. Frederic Djongali continues construction on a women’s health and maternity ward. It is a large step forward to have a specialty ward in this location, and this building will greatly reduce the spread of infection.

Pray that future clients to these clinics will receive a healing touch and words of comfort. Pray for wisdom for the directors who take extra time to coordinate these projects. Pray the staff workers be united within the walls of these buildings while they bring hope to the hopeless.

For more news, and to read prayer requests from around the Luke Society family, read our full January GAP newsletter.

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