Jalapa impacted by feeding program

August 29, 2018 at 6:00 AM


Jalapa impacted by feeding program

By Dan Breen 

When you or I are hungry, it’s not difficult to run down to the nearest Burger King and grab a Whopper and fries. But not everyone has that luxury or availability to food.

In Mexico, where up to half the population lives in poverty, finding a good meal can be difficult. And getting a nutritious meal is even more of a challenge.

Vida en Abundancia de Mexico is helping children overcome eating problems by offering meals through its children’s feeding program. VAM’s ministry provides healthy meals to children at three locations in and around Jalapa.

To see more about the feeding, I invite you to watch this video. You can also read more about the program by reading the Vida en Abundancia article that appeared in our spring issue of the Luke Society News.

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