Inspired by the Bible

July 21, 2020 at 6:00 AM

The Luke Society staff opens the Word of God every day, reading through the Bible over the course of three years.

Inspired by the Bible

By Dan Breen dan blog header long.png

The Luke Society staff is halfway through a journey many of you probably know nothing about. We’re reading through the entire Bible as a staff.

At the end of 2018, we decided to read through the New Testament during our morning staff devotions in 2019. It worked out nearly perfectly to read two chapters every working day and to end in Revelation by the end of December.

But the challenge continued on into 2020 as we are tackling the Old Testament over the course of the next two years. We started in Joshua and have read through the books of Ruth, Samuel, Kings and Chronicles, sprinkling in some Psalms here and there.

Since the changes with COVID-19 and our increased use of Zoom video conferencing, we’ve also brought in board members, regional coordinators and ministry directors to share in our daily readings.

Something has become very evident on a daily basis: Every passage impacts us in some way.

There’s always something to learn — a lesson, a fact, a peculiarity, a way we’re inspired. The Holy Spirit is truly active as we read, just as he was when inspiring the authors to write. As walk through chapter by chapter, he enables us to hear the very Word of the Lord in our hearts and minds. There’s always something new to pick out even for those who have read through the Bible dozens of times.

Oh, we’ve had our challenges stumbling over the pronunciations of names and locations in the Old Testament. To embarrassing levels, in fact. But one of our directors reminded us that every person mentioned in the Bible is important — just as we are to a God that loves us so much that he would send his own son, Jesus, to this earth to rescue us from our sin.

For those of you who don't make a regular habit out of reading the Bible, I encourage you to do so. For those who already do so, I'm certain it continues to be a blessing to you. Allow the Spirit to inspire you as walk with him daily in a holy and righteous way.

I leave you with a verse we read this morning. May it inspire you in your walk today.

Teach me your way, O Lord,
and I will walk in your truth;
give me an undivided heart,
that I may fear your name.
                  — Psalm 86:11

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