A heartfelt thank you

May 19, 2020 at 6:00 AM

malichildren.jpgChildren in the Segou region of Mali greet a group of Luke Society visitors to their village.     (Photo by Dan Breen)

A heartfelt thank you

By Dan Breen   dan blog header long.png

Thank you.

A simple, heartfelt thank you.

I wish I had better, more flowery words to say, but sometimes there’s no need to overwrite the heart of the message.

These last few months have been challenging for all of us. But your generosity has risen above the times.

It would have been easy to hang on to your check. Money is tight these days. No one would’ve realized had you toggled off the “submit” button for your online donation. No one could fault you for being a little more cautious in how you spend your money.

That’s why we’re especially grateful for your gifts right now. You’re looking out for others. You’re putting the needs of your neighbor above yourselves. And while we realize that’s at the heart of every donation you make, it has been illumined even more brightly in recent weeks.

Most of our Luke Society ministries have had no choice but to temporarily close their clinics during this pandemic — some by government order, others by the directive of directors and their local boards.

Decisions like these are painful. Besides communities and villages losing their means of health care, income generation runs dry. Many of the directors’ valued medical personnel and staff cannot be paid. Morale goes down. Evangelism opportunities are slowed.

Every element of the Luke Society’s holistic health model is affected.

But your donations are helping to keep the gears turning. They’ve been slowed for a season, but they haven’t stopped. And we have every reason to believe that soon the clinics will be back up and running, busier and with an even greater resolve to serve their people than before. Many have already begun that process.

We covet your continued support moving forward as we follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in ministry. It’s a winding journey of many miles with bumps and struggles along the way. But we walk this road together, encouraging one another and sowing the seeds of the Gospel as we go.

For your generous gifts, uplifting encouragement and steadfast prayer, we can say only one thing.

Thank you!

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