A Giving Tuesday story

December 03, 2019 at 6:00 AM


A Giving Tuesday story

By Dan Breen  dan blog header long.png

A social media campaign was started in 2012 labeling the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving as Giving Tuesday. It was an effort get people to step back from the consumerization of the holiday season by asking them to bless people or organizations in need.

The only problem is that for some of us in the nonprofit sector, it almost seems like begging or panhandling for your donations.

Instead, allow me share a short story:

A couple months ago met a young man in China named Zhi Goo. At age 17 he was diagnosed with an inoperable spinal tumor. Two years later, he lost the use of his legs.

His mother was working odd jobs and earning $120 a month to support Zhi Goo, his younger sister and his father, who was battling a mental illness. Hope was fleeting.

“It was a dark time for our family,” his mother, Tian said.

When the Luke Society’s ministry in China found out about Zhi Goo and his family, they were compelled to help. A wheelchair was provided, a monthly stipend was given to help with finances and the staff regularly brings food for the family during home visits.

Most importantly, they’ve been introduced to the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ in a place where only 10 percent of people have any religious affiliation. The family’s life has been forever transformed by one act of kindness.

In every part of the world, stories like this are happening within the Luke Society. The absolute reality is that without your financial backing, we would not be able to support ministries like this. The Holy Spirit is actively working, but there are times when God’s people are called to tangibly help in that process.

It’s extremely likely that today a life will be forever be changed because the love of Jesus Christ was shown through a Luke Society ministry or director.

Whether you’re a first-time giver, or long-time supporter, we’re humbling are asking for your help.

Remember the boy who showed up to hear Jesus speak with five loaves and two fish? Jesus took his small but willing offering and provided enough food with leftovers for 5,000 people. He still works miracles today with our sacrificial gifts.

Are you willing to play a role in the expansion of Christ’s kingdom today? You may click this link for online donations, or we’re happy to receive your support in any way that best fits you.

May the Lord bless you richly in this holiday season! Thank you for your love, your kindness and your prayers. On behalf of everyone in the Luke Society family we express our humble and sincere gratefulness.

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