Giving the gift of time

April 28, 2017 at 6:00 AM

board-spezias.jpgLuke Society board members, spouses and staff receive greetings from regional coordinator Dr. Julius Surjadi via Sykpe.  (Photo by Dan Breen)

Giving the gift of time

By Wrede Vogel

This past weekend the Luke Society Board of Directors met in Sioux Falls, SD, at the Luke Society headquarters.

As always, the interaction with the board was a tremendous encouragement to me and the rest of the staff. The Luke Society staff presented reports on the finances, new and existing ministry partnerships and on our donor communications. We also spent time in devotions and prayer.

The Lord has blessed us in so many ways, and it was a joy to share all of this with the board.

We took an evening to recognize Rod Ledeboer’s contribution to the Luke Society as business administrator for over 18 years. He will retire this summer and his contribution and presence will be missed.

As I looked around the board room, I was again impressed that these men and woman would give up precious time, travel at their own expense and contribute their efforts and talents to empower this organization.

The next day I read the Barnabas Foundation newsletter, Stewardship Spotlight, in which Executive Director Jim Bakke wrote about the gift of time. He makes a relevant point that sometimes the most generous gift we can give is the gift of time. I certainly have experienced that gift given by Luke Society board members as they have donated their time for board meetings.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, read our blog and other publications and for taking the time to pray for us. That is a gift we truly appreciate.

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