Floods devastating Peru

March 17, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Apolos Landa's brother, David, captured this photo outside of Trujillo. Storms have caused major flooding in northern Peru this week.

(Editor's note: Apolos Landa is the Luke Society's regional coordinator in South America and the former director of Asociación San Lucas in Moyobamba, Peru. He continues to make his home in Moyobamba.)

Floods devastating Peru

By Apolos Landa

Northern Peru has been struggling with flooding this week.

I recently spoke to Trujillo, Peru, ministry director Bertha Aldave to find out how thing are, and the situation is very sad as usual for those who are in disadvantage, vulnerable and exposed states due to many risks and inequality.

This time, even those who live in the city around Bertha's neighborhood in Buenos Aires have lost their mud-brick living facilities.

Bertha said they are making room at her home and the church for shelter of those whose living quarters have been damaged.

As a mutual missionary friend, Susan La Rosa, said: "The northern coast of Peru is in a crisis state of emergency due to serious flooding. Recent rains in normally dry areas of Peru have caused floods and mudslides. Rivers have overflowed their banks, wiping out bridges and parts of main highways. Many homes, businesses and farms have been flooded. Schools are closed until at least Monday and the water department shuts off the water for hours (sometimes days) at a time.

Trujillo normally gets about a half inch of rain per year. Tuesday night, we got over two inches, and the rains are forecasted to continue until early Sunday. Trujillo is not prepared for this.  Homes, roads and sewers are not constructed to handle this much rain, especially in the outlying areas where many who live are very poor. Many, many people are not OK." 

Please pray for those who have lost their homes, farms, businesses, animals and even family members. The rains are expected to continue until the end of the month. 

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