February GAP newsletter

February 02, 2021 at 6:00 AM

Patients in the waiting room of Hope Clinic in Kinshasa, DR Congo, anticipate their names being called.

February GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob  Nathan short.jpg

Let me offer an invitation to think about things differently while you pray this month. Try to look at things from the perspective of a patient seeking help from a Luke Society medical clinic. Put yourself in their shoes. Use your senses and enter into their story.

What do you feel? The heat? The sand under your feet? Are your muscles tired from a long journey? Is there a door to the waiting room or must you wait outdoors in the elements? Who do you sit by in the waiting room? Is your illness causing a lot of pain?

What do you hear? A passing motorbike? A rooster crowing? The chirping of unfamiliar machines? Your name called?

What do you smell? See? Taste?

What worries you? Do you need to stay the night in the clinic? Do you have children at home waiting for your return?

Can you imagine finding a medical professional who offers you kind words along with their medical knowledge? Maybe this is the first Christian you have ever met. Can you imagine hearing about Jesus, who saves us from our sins? Can you imagine how believing those words would change your life?

Please pray for the thousands of patients seen around the world in Luke Society medical clinics. Pray that they might receive physical healing and also find salvation through Jesus Christ.

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