February GAP newsletter

February 04, 2020 at 6:00 AM

BelarmeGAPweb.jpgDr. Johny Belarme meets with a Haitian immigrant who is a parishioner at one of the churches were Belarme's ministry has a pharmacy.

February GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob   Nathan short.jpg

How do you make a lasting change in a struggling community? This is the question Dr. Johny Belarme has been wrestling with since 2014 when he begin ministering to the people of Rafey, Dominican Republic.

Many Haitian immigrants live in Rafey, a community with rampant HIV, teenage pregnancy and violent crime. It has proven challenging for the impoverished immigrants of Rafey to receive adequate health care.

Dr. Belarme works to solve these issues as he cares for patients in a small clinic and pharmacy. He spreads his medical knowledge to community health workers and also leads abstinence workshops for teens. He teaches others about basic nutrition or how to read. Each of these areas proves to be an avenue where he can share the Gospel message and bring hope to a distressed community.

Being fluent in Spanish and Creole, and proficient in English, have helped Dr. Belarme navigate between the Dominican Republic and Haitian cultures. He has proven to be uniquely gifted to minister to his community with medical skills and his capabilities in teaching and preaching.

The community is slowly starting to change. There has been a significant drop in the teen pregnancy rate; people are receiving medical care; and medication has become more accessible through Dr. Belarme’s pharmacy kits.

Please pray for the work of Dr. Belarme to the poor and hurting in Rafey. Pray for continued success as he trains community health workers and ministers to patients. Give praise for Dr. Belarme and other Luke Society ministry directors who are distinctly gifted to help their native people.

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