February GAP newsletter

February 02, 2018 at 6:00 AM

Rivne-group-talk.jpgA group of patients at The Right Way in Rivne, Ukraine, enjoy a time of discussion around the holidays.  (Photo submitted) 

February GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob

Each month we receive reports from ministry directors of individual lives that have been touched through the Luke Society. The following is a paraphrased story of a 38-year-old-man staying in the Doot Center, an alcohol and drug treatment facility in Rivne, Ukraine.

“I was born into a good family. My parents taught me the right way to live and provided me with a good education. When I left their house and went to college, I experimented with all kinds of delights of life: disco, girls, alcohol, drugs.

I fell in love, got married and eventually my wife got pregnant. When the long-awaited birth of our child came, we discovered our child was to be born with Down syndrome. At the time, we were immature and not ready to take on this responsibility, so we left our little son in an orphanage.

Remorse, guilt, shame and fear became our constant companions. For the next 12 years we quarreled constantly and consumed a lot of alcohol and drugs.

Eventually, we went to look for our son and were tremendously disappointed as we were led to the grave of our 12-year-old boy.

My wife became pregnant again and we now have a healthy baby boy. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs continued in our lives as before.

I find myself now in the Doot Center. I have learned here about a merciful God. A God who is ready to forgive us regardless of the severity of our guilt. I have found faith. I have started to pray. I have a desire to regain lost time.

Pray for me, my wife and our son. Our relations are not easy, but I love both of them very much.”

Please pray for this man and the many other people who need their lives touched by the God of mercy.

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