Family matters

January 20, 2017 at 6:00 AM

A patient at The Right Way in Rivne keeps busy by hanging her laundry out to dry. The facility helps drug addicts get back on their feet. 

(The following is the testimony of a 30-year-old female named Natasha who is receiving treatment at The Right Way ministry in Rivne, Ukraine. The ministry assists individuals as they overcome addictions.)

Family matters

I always had to do like my mother wanted. I was an obedient girl in kindergarten and in school. After school I began studies in the university.

My problems started just here.

But the problems were not with the studies. They were with my mom.

I love my mom very much, but I had my own interests, values and personal life. I got a chance to continue my studies in the United States in a foreign exchange student program. There I met a young man, and we were soon married.

My mother was against my trip, marriage and staying in United States. Our first son was born soon and became a U.S. citizen.

After that I started to get sick often. I soon became a drug addict because of the constant use of pain medication. I was put into methadone program. I was sure it would help me, but it aggravated my addiction even more.

My mother started to complain of poor health and demanded I return to Ukraine. My husband agreed. I had to do it for my sick mom, together with our little son.

My father met me at the airport. When we travelled to home by car, we had terrible accident. We survived, but my father became disabled. My mom laid the blame for my father’s disability on me.

Also, I found that my mom was not ill like she informed me. She explained this lie because she wanted me back in Ukraine. Soon my husband came to take me with our son, but my parents did not permit him to even come into our home. He asked, urged and begged. But everything was unsuccessful.

He decided to demand his son go back to the United States. We got an official request from a U.S. court to bring our son to the United States voluntarily. After that, my mom gathered all of my family and forced me to write official rejection.

Now I’m in The Right Way's Doot Center. I’m being treated for drug addiction. Here I’m learning to ask God and trust to Him with my problems.

Please, pray for my son and husband, and for my mom and me, too. Pray that our challenges will be resolved successfully. We have quite lot of the last ones: Interpol seeks me because of my son.

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