EKG assists Lugansk ministry

May 26, 2017 at 6:00 AM

alexander-ekg.jpgDr. Alexander Shevchenko examines the results of an EKG performed on a patient during a recent ministry trip.      (Photos submitted)

(Editor’s note: Dr. Alexander Schevchenko is the Luke Society ministry director in Lugansk, Ukraine. He has faithfully served in this role since 2013 despite a high level of political unrest in eastern Ukraine.)

EKG assists Lugansk ministry

By Dr. Alexander Schevchenko

This month our ministry has been enriched by an EKG machine. It`s a very important event in ministry life.

In this month we traveled to Gorodishe town. It was our first visit there. It`s a not large town and lies a 80 km away from Lugansk.

There are not any physicians in town. Only two times a week a family doctor visits the town. So our visit was very important.

Many patients are old people, and the most of them very much need EKG examination. So our volunteer Michail did it successfully.

After that, I consulted people and prescribed medicine depending of results of examination. Our volunteer, Anna, continued blood glucose measurements.

Most people who visited us on our medical ministry are not from churches. We proposed pray for healing for them and people didn't mind.

The members of church where we provided the services communicated with the unbelievers and shared Gospel to them. It was a wonderful day.

alexander-ekg2.jpgA member of the Luke Society Lugansk ministry contingent hooks up a patient to an EKG during a recent consultation in Gorodishe.

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