December GAP newsletter

December 01, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Members of a church in Patzun, Guatemala, lay hands on their pastor who was going through a time of need.  (File photo)

December GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob 

Each month we send out a GAP newsletter highlighting different ministries and their needs. You perform a truly selfless act as you, our dear prayer partners, spend your time praying to God for these things.

It is selfless because we receive no notice that you have prayed. The ministry directors are told nothing beyond that people are praying for them. Yet, things change.

We see God at work in situations. Your petitions and requests to God have an impact.

While there are many physical requests to pray for, we ask that you focus your prayers this month on the ministry director’s inner character. Pray that their eyes stay fixed on Jesus as they work to display the cross of Christ with their lives.

Pray that they lead their ministry and family with passion and wisdom. Pray that Christ may be found sufficient in the midst of disappointments and losses. Pray that they continue to hold firmly to their vision for their community.

It is oftentimes with sacrifice and even trials that these directors face their daily tasks. Please hold them up in prayer so they may lean into God’s promises during times of fatigue and pray that God provides for them resources and times of refreshment. 

Please keep the Luke Society ministry directors in your prayers. In addition to the areas listed above, please continue to pray for the specific ministry requests sent out last month. Through God’s gracious hand, who gives good gifts to his children who ask, may we see God’s redemptive purposes advance throughout the world.

Be sure to click on this link to read the full December GAP newsletter.

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