A couple's rehabilitation

July 23, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Patients at The Right Way in Rivne, Ukraine, take time out for a group photo this spring. The ministry helps individuals battling addictions.

A couple's rehabilitation

The following is and example of how The Right Way is reaching out to individuals struggling with the forces of evil and additions.

As this example shows, it can even impact couples.

Roman, 27, was into stealing and drugs. Irina, 26, was into men and alcohol. Both are recovering now. Here is their story as told by Irina:

We met each other by chance, but we felt like a spark ran between us so we started to live together.

One day, Roman proposed that I try drugs, too. Soon I was addicted to drugs as was my husband. Despite that, we were able to give birth to a daughter.

Our needs increased. We had to take care of our baby. Roman began to steal more.

Our problems increased as a result — between us and with our parents as well. We had no place of our own to live. We lived with Roman’s parents in a city or with my parents in a village.

Roman got into serious problems with the police.

We realized we could not live this way anymore.  However, we could not live in a different way. We separated and returned to each other again many times. It was not a normal life, but a constant nightmare.

We started to look for help and we found the Doot Center. My mom agreed to pay my treatment. Roman’s father paid for him and cared for our daughter.

We have had a lot of challenges here. It was especially difficult in the beginning.  I used to dominate and control my husband. Roman began to feel more confident and defend his manhood. Our personal nightmare came to the family of all rehabilitants in the center.

Often I wanted to stop all this and leave the center. But where would I go? To start a life of alcohol and drugs again?

I tried to use this chance as I could. Also I tried to support my husband as well.

We learned about God and the Bible here. Information about Go, as Heavenly Father and about Jesus, as friend and Savior turned my mind around! I began to believe, pray, cry and eventually repent.  My husband resisted at first, but he sometimes agreed.

He soon became seriously ill. It undermined him and his weak faith. “Where is your God?” he shouted. But I continued to pray and believe.

Roman finally recovered and his faith started to come back.

Our worldview in relation to everything continues to change. Please, pray for us! We still have a fear where we can live after rehabilitation. How we can take care of our daughter and ourselves as well? Where we can find jobs?

Pray for our daughter and our parents because all of this is not easy.

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