Christmas generosity

December 22, 2017 at 6:00 AM


The Luke Society received a donation of new carpet by a local businessman who was touched by the ministry's calling.  (Photo by Dan Breen)

Christmas generosity

By Dan Breen

The past few weeks have been a bit unusual at the Luke Society office. Our generally tidy workplace in Sioux Falls has become a scattered mess of tables, chairs and desks cornered in unfamiliar places.

Over the last decade, our office carpet has degraded to a point where there were no longer enough pieces of furniture or rugs to cover up the ink blotches, coffee stains and water spots.

A few months ago we decided to check into the cost and feasibility of new carpet. By the Lord’s direction we were led to a business just a few blocks away. Jim, the owner, specializes in bulk carpet orders, which enables him to sell merchandise at lower rates than many of his competitors. The price quote he provided the Luke Society would have been impossible to match anywhere.

That was a blessing in itself. But the story doesn’t end there.

The next morning, as our staff gathered for daily devotions, an unexpected visitor came into the office. It was Jim. Perhaps he was coming to re-measure or to inform us there was a problem with the carpet we had selected. Quite the contrary. After our initial contact, Jim had done some online research on the Luke Society. In addition to learning about our mission, he had taken time to read the website bios of each staff member and knew us by name. Jim informed us the Lord had nudged him to donate all of the new carpet to the Luke Society.

It was a wonderful blessing and the truest essence of Christmas generosity.

Holiday gift-giving origins are commonly tied to the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus after his birth. But as Christians, we celebrate an even more precious gift at Christmas – God’s selfless act to send his one and only son to this earth to be our rescuer. Our hearts were blotched, stained and damaged beyond repair.  Then, one night, some 2000 years ago, a prophesied but still unexpected visitor came into this world not merely to deliver good news but to be the Good News.

God’s 100-percent stain resistant son had arrived – a gift beyond compare. A sacrifice of unconditional love. A gift of grace to all humanity.

While Jim’s carpet will be a great addition to our office, some day it will need to be replaced. The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is eternal. The blood shed on his cross is one stain that will never need replacing.

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