Choosing to leave a legacy

November 13, 2020 at 6:00 AM

tamarisk-tree.jpgTamarisk trees take a very long time to reach maturity. Those who plant them are said to be leaving a legacy for their grandchildren.

Choosing to leave a legacy

By Dan Breen  dan blog header long.png

Will you have an impact on earth long after you’re gone? It’s an interesting question to contemplate.

I’ve recently been working through a Ray Vander Laan Bible study called, “Walking with God in the Desert.” If you know Ray’s work, you know he has a wonderful gift of making the Bible come alive in unique ways. One of his lessons in this study explores the different kinds of trees that grow in the desert wilderness where the Israelites wandered after their exodus from Egypt.

One of the trees featured is the tamarisk. It grows at a remarkably slow rate. In fact, when Bedouins plant and cultivate a tamarisk tree, they face a known reality that they won’t be alive to experience its shady benefits. What’s more, not even their children will. It takes a third generation before the tree reaches maturity.

Genesis 21:33 notes “Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba, and there he called upon the Lord, the Eternal God.” In doing so, Abraham was making a faith statement. Not only was he planting a tree, but he was planting a flag of faith in the ground that this land would bless his descendants when they would return to possess the Promised Land some 500 years later.

Have you planted any tamarisk trees in your life? Are you leaving a legacy that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will cherish some day?

I want to share with you about one special group of Luke Society supporters who are doing that. We call them Acts 2 Partners. These are people who have let us know that they have placed the Luke Society in their will or estate. More than 60 names are now on this list of people who intend to have a profound impact for Jesus Christ long after their earthly lives have ended.

What makes their act of giving even more selfless is that they are planting hope in people around the world they’ll never meet and in places they’ll never go. From a one-room clinic in Haiti to a thriving hospital in Ukraine; from the mud huts of Senegal to the stilt homes in the Philippines. The work the Lord has in store for their giving and the impact it will have is beyond our knowledge. It’s quite possible that the people and ministries impacted the most haven’t even been introduced to us yet.

We’d love to hear from more people who desire to take this step and become a legacy donor in the Luke Society. If you’ve already made that decision but haven’t made that known to us, we encourage you to share that with us so we can add you to our growing list of Acts 2 Partners. Finally, if you’re interested in setting up a legacy gift and would like some advice we’re happy to help. Give us a call, send us an e-mail or mark the appropriate box on your next donor card. You can also follow this link to learn more about Acts 2 Partners.

Together, we can establish tamarisk trees and plant our flag for Jesus Christ for generations to come.

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