Check's in the mail

January 22, 2021 at 6:00 AM


A U.S. Postal worker brings the mail into the Luke Society office on a recent day in January.  (Photo by Dan Breen)

Check's in the mail

By Dan Breen   dan blog header long.png

One of the great encouragements we have working in the Luke Society central office in Sioux Falls, SD, happens every day when the doorbell rings and a U.S. postal worker climbs our steps with an arm full of mail.

Within that stack are donations postmarked from all over the United States and Canada. It’s exciting to read the different cities, states and territories from which the Luke Society has built a base of support.

As we open the mail, it’s often tempting to let our eyes immediately scan the check for the dollar amount donated. If that’s all we do, we’ve made a huge mistake. A far more important part of the check is found in the upper left corner where the name of the giver is listed — people like you who have chosen to donate out of sacrifice, love and a heartfelt desire to see Christ proclaimed throughout the world.

Money only goes so far. The fact that the Lord has put the Luke Society’s mission on your heart, that you’ve encouraged us, and that you’re praying for the advancement of the Gospel through the Luke Society is far more important than any digits after a dollar sign.

Allow me to share a few statistics that we hope will encourage you:

In 2020, we had 82 first-time donors give to the Luke Society. Praise the Lord! But other unusual things were happening as well. We received gifts from 112 individuals who had not made a donation in the last five years. Of that number, 39 people re-engaged in giving after not donating in 10 years or longer!

Giving in December alone topped the $1 million mark, and it was one of our best financial years in history. The Luke Society’s donor retention (those who donated in consecutive years) over the past calendar year was 69 percent at a time when the national average for nonprofit organizations is about 45 percent.

These numbers are truly remarkable, especially given the world in which we all lived in 2020. So why did we see these kinds numbers in a year stricken by a global pandemic? We could theorize and analyze all day, but the only answer that truly matters is that the Spirit put a special hand of blessing on the Luke Society. And you’re a big part of that.

Because of low operating costs in comparison to other nonprofits, we are able to give nearly 90 cents of every dollar directly to our ministry partners in their efforts to touch lives in Jesus’ name. And not only is your investment efficiently used, it is wisely used by ministry partners who recognize the importance of your gifts.

On behalf of your family, both here and around the world, please accept our deepest gratitude for your support in this important Kingdom calling. May you have a wonderful year in 2021!

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