Chad maternity ward complete

December 20, 2018 at 6:00 AM


Chad maternity ward complete

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MOUNDOU CHAD—African women in the region of Moundou, Chad, now have a new facility to assist pregnant mothers and their babies.

Dr. Frederic Djongali, director of El Jiré Rapha Clinic, recently dedicated a new maternity ward and women’s health center and began using the facility.

The maternity ward is a two-story, stand-alone building adjacent to his clinic in southern Chad.

It’s a huge benefit to the region. Many of the women cannot afford the stiff fees of a government hospital. There are times when Djongali has seen babies, or even mothers, die because they did not have the ability to get to emergency care. It’s a significant step forward to helping to reduce infection and infant mortality.

Most of the building had been completed by October. The final phase included the installation of the equipment for the facility.

Djongali established his ministry in 2009 and became a Luke Society ministry partner in 2011. He employs more than 30 workers in the clinic. You can read more about his ministry by clicking on the link of our Profile: Moundou, Chad series.


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