Bolivia flooding creates havoc

February 07, 2018 at 6:00 AM

boliviaflooding2.jpgFlooding during the past week in Chilimarca, Boliva, has forced more than 100 families out of their homes.  (Photos by Carmen Challapa)

Bolivia flooding creates havoc

By Dan Breen

A dangerous flooding situation is impacting a region in Bolivia where the Luke Society has a ministry site.

Nurse Teodocia Paredes Cabrera, who operates Sumaj Sonqo in Chilimarca, first notified us of the flooding issue on Feb. 1.

It also proved to be a frightening situation for her personally.

During the early morning hours, heavy rains caused floodwaters to begin rising the community. The situation escalated so quickly that Teo found herself trapped in her home.

“In a few minutes, I could not control the flood,” she wrote. “The doors of the house, no one could open, and the water came through the sides. The room where I live was flooded. I screamed.”

Because of the heavy rain, no one could hear her screams. A short time later, however, neighbors did hear her calls for help and were able to rescue her.

Nearly a week later, the rains are still impacting the region. A severe rainstorm on Tuesday caused a mud slide and more flooding near to Teo’s home.

Three houses have been leveled, leaving nothing behind.

“Truly, this was very hard,” Teo wrote.

But even amidst the difficult situation, Teo was reminded of her calling to be there and serve her community in the name of Christ.

“A young lady named Cintia was carried away by the waters. Today (Feb. 1), we took care of her and cured her many grave injuries,” Teo said. “Cintia and her husband need much has as they were deprived from everything.”

According to news reports in Chilimarca, more than 100 people have been forced from their homes.

Please pray for this region and it recovers from the flooding and begins the rebuilding process. Pray for dry conditions, and pray that Teo could use her gifts in medicine to assist the people in need.


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