Behind the name

August 14, 2020 at 6:00 AM


Behind the name

By Kristin Breen  Kristin blog header long.png

A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to clean out my e-mail inbox, when I noticed there were a few emails that had already been read from a sender named, “Cruel Bird.”

Seeing that these emails were originally sent from Luke Society executive director Dr. Wrede Vogel, I immediately called his phone extension and asked if his e-mail had been hacked.

He came over to investigate, chuckled, and said, “That’s my name translated to English.” He explained Wrede Vogel is a Dutch name. Translated to English, it means “cruel bird.”

I laughed and wondered how my e-mail would decide to translate just those words. My e-mail is full of messages from around the world, which come in French, Chinese, Spanish and other languages. I struggle to purposely translate those to English, yet somehow my e-mail decided to translate the phrase “cruel bird.”

I appreciate all the more those who decided to name this organization the Luke Society. The Luke Society’s vision is to touch lives in Jesus’ name, by teaching, preaching and healing. 

Luke is derived from the Luke in the Bible who was a medical doctor and may also have helped pen some of the letters of Paul while he was in prison. Luke was able to help teach by penning his own Gospel, and helping to pen some letters of Paul.

These passages are used daily around the world, being preached to ears that have heard it many times before and also to ears that are hearing the Good News for the first time. 

Luke also brought healing to many people of his day through his gifted hands as a doctor. He was most likely able to witness in the same way many of our directors do: by seeing the physical needs; taking time to heal the body; and using those moments to plant seeds to heal the soul through the power of Jesus’ name.

Yes, I believe the founders of the Luke Society were wise in their naming of this ministry.

While I personally know Wrede’s parents, I don’t think they were naming their young son “cruel” as much as they may have just liked the name Wrede. The founders of the Luke Society may also have liked the name, but the meaning behind it is the very mission and vision of the Luke Society.

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