A beautiful graduation

January 11, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Dr. Axel Suquen makes a presentation at the recent graduation of rural health promotion volunteers at Asociacion Vida in Patzun, Guatemala.

(Editor's note: Dr. Axel Suquen is the director of Asociación VIDA in Patzún, Guatemala. The ministry has been supported by the Luke Society since 1996.)

A beautiful graduation

By Axel Suquen

PATZUN, GUATEMALA—When we think about graduation, many images of success and greatness come to our mind.

This one that I share is very different. It is a small group of volunteers that concluded their preparations to be promoters of rural health. It is the fourth group of graduates we have served.

This group has been prepared to help prevent and treat the most common diseases in their communities. They gathered at the Asociación Vida headquarters here in Patzún every 15 days throughout this year.

They have walked many mountains and suffered cold and hunger.

They have traveled from San Juan Comalapa, Patzicía, Tecpán and some villages of Patzún. They have received basic instruction, but more importantly, they learned about the love of Christ for them, their families and their communities.

It is a very basic education by worldly standards, but being people without any opportunity, it means a lot to them. Their lives change; their dreams arise; and they begin to be appreciated in their communities.

We especially welcome women who traditionally suffer marginalization in their communities. Through this experience they discover that they are worth much to God, and that they can do much more than they have been led to believe.

This was a very special day and new health programs have been planned for their communities thanks to this small impulse that Asociación Vida and the Luke Society have made possible.

Axel-1.jpgA class of 18 new graduates of the rural health promotion volunteers at Asociacion Vida in Patzun, Guatemala, show off their certificates.

Dr. Alex Suquen speaks at the graduation ceremony of health volunteers in Patzun, Guatemala.

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