Asia director video interviews

January 15, 2020 at 6:00 AM

By Dan Breen   dan blog header long.png

Sometimes in the course of general busyness, things get bumped down the priority list.

This week I finally got around to doing some video editing on interviews with several of our Asian directors. Most were recorded at different points this fall, but have been sitting in my to-do pile for some time.

While they managed to get pushed off, it certainly wasn't because they aren't important. One of the great things about video is that not only can you see the directors, but you can hear their voices. When you hear their inflection, you get a greater sense of just how passionate these men and women are for their calling in the Luke Society.

As you watch these videos, I hope you will be encouraged by the work these leaders are doing in faraway places, not just by using their gifts in medicine, but following an even more important calling to be fishers of men.

The interview videos below can also be found on each Asian ministry's page on this website. Keep in mind, there are several ministries in Asia that we choose not to identify by name or location for the director's protection and safety. Please keep those ministries in your thoughts and prayers as well.


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