April GAP newsletter

March 31, 2017 at 6:00 AM

trujillo-flooding.jpgResidents of Trujillo, Peru, wade through the floodwaters that have ravished the region of northern Peru during the last two weeks.

April GAP newsletter

By Nathan Stob

Although Trujillo, Peru, is located along the Pacific Ocean, it is still a desert.  Since 1998, ministry directors Dr. Felix and Bertha Aldave have been bringing healing and hope to Trujillo, which averages around a half inch of rain per year.

This past month, Trujillo has been experiencing much larger-than-average rainfall, which has caused damage to the area.

People in Trujillo are poor, so many of them have built their homes on large sand hills which the government gives for free. The increased rainfall is causing flooding and damage to this vulnerable area.

As of this writing, the rains have caused 62 deaths, wounded 72, caused 62,642 people to be in need of aid and assistance, and collapsed 7,974 houses.

The infrastructure and sewer system in Trujillo is not equipped to handle a rain event like this. Bridges and more than 1,200 kilometers of roads have been swept away, causing major transportation problems.

Thankfully the ministry location itself didn’t suffer any significant damage. However, not far away, it was a different story. Many of the children who attend the ministry school run by Dr. Felix and Bertha Aldave lost their homes and everything they had.

Please pray for the people of coastal Peru. Pray for emergency relief efforts. Pray for the work of Dr. Felix and Bertha as they provide emergency relief. Pray for how this will effect the economy, communication and transportation.

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