Our eternal destiny

December 18, 2017
Despite their magnificent, centuries-old resting places, pharaohs and queens were buried with a sense of false hope.

God uses boring testimonies

December 15, 2017
You never know when something mundane to you might touch the heart of someone you don't know or haven't met.

Profile: Metapan, El Salvador

December 13, 2017
Learn more about Fundación Visión Familiar in Metapan, El Salvador, and under the direction of Dr. Beatriz Navidad.

God our Father

December 11, 2017
Though we sometimes struggle to see how God is working in our lives, we must trust that He is ultimately in control.

Donations sustain Luke Society

December 8, 2017
Organization is committed to using gifts in effective and efficient manners to further the work of the Gospel around the world.

Much has been given

December 6, 2017
PMT Mary Holman experiences joy when she can share about here experiences with Dr. Ousmane Soh's ministry in Senegal.

December GAP newsletter

December 1, 2017
Monthly publication requests prayers for directors as they sacrifice daily for the cause of the Gospel.

Navidad educates students

November 29, 2017
Luke Society director in El Salvador brings lessons of health to children in schools around the Metapan region.

Profile: Odisha, India

November 27, 2017
Learn more about the Luke Society India ministry in Odisha, India, under the direction of Dr. Pushpa and Rev. Prem Rout.

Conversion of Christianity

November 22, 2017
Staggering numbers of new converts for Christ have been reported by Luke Society ministry directors in recent months.

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