Laughter: a universal dialect

April 4, 2018
A little humor goes a long ways in other countries where language can otherwise be a barrier to extending a hand of friendship.

April GAP newsletter

April 2, 2018
Many have still not been introduced to the Gospel message. Read how the Luke Society is assisting in those efforts worldwide.

Waiting for God's power

March 28, 2018
New medical clinic in Senegal nearing completion but still waiting for necessary electrical hook-ups to allow it to open.

Mali through the lens

March 26, 2018
Photos taken by Dr. Greg Kuiper during a recent trip to Kayes and a visit to Indielou Dognon's ministry.

Microloans improving culture

March 21, 2018
Program in Gracias, Honduras, provides capital loans for residents who desire to offer a new service to their community.

Senegal through the lens

March 19, 2018
Photos taken by Dr. Wrede Vogel from a trip in March to Dahra and the surrounding villages in western Africa.

Senior medicine? Try church.

March 16, 2018
One of the most important things we can do to encourage good senior health is to make sure spiritual health is at the forefront.

Letting God take the lead

March 14, 2018
Human nature tells us we should always be in control, but we need to learn to allow Jesus to take the controls as our guide.

Profile: Quininde, Ecuador

March 9, 2018
Read more about Dr. Yeny Agila de Pinos and her ministry in South America in our series on our global ministry partners.

What are you investing in?

March 7, 2018
If you're putting your money into earthly ventures, you're missing out on an opportunity to have a heavenly impact.

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