Overcoming obstacles

January 24, 2018
Dr. Axel Suquen in Patzun, Guatemala, has learned that sometimes his own goals and ideas don't match up with God's will.

A witness spectator

January 22, 2018
God's plan doesn't always call us to be the ones in charge. Sometimes He lets us sit back and watch his plan unfold.

United as one body (Part II)

January 19, 2018
Dr. Jim Spindler receives the answer to his questions of how God is working in a remote village in central America.

United as one body (Part I)

January 18, 2018
Dr. Jim Spindler shares of a past trip to Honduras where he wondered "Where is God? Where is His love in this awful place?"

Cameroon through the lens

January 15, 2018
Photos taken by Dr. Greg Kuiper from a trip last fall to Bamenda and the surrounding villages in central Africa.

Ochomogo water project

January 12, 2018
Rural Nicaragua residents rejoice in completion of major project bringing valuable resource into 58 homes.

Leadership transition in Jalapa

January 10, 2018
Year begins with Cruz assuming new role as director of Vida en Abundancia de Mexico for retiring Guerrero.

Treasuring relationships

January 8, 2018
New Year's resolution or not, we all need to value the unique connections God has placed into our lives.

Employing God's GPS

January 3, 2018
PMT Brent Van Andel shares the importance of allowing God's Word to serve as a compass for the way we live our lives.

January GAP newsletter

January 3, 2018
Read about building projects under construction along with other prayer requests within the global Luke Society family.

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