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A native concept

May 22, 2017
Ministries work best when U.S. supporters are there to empower locals, not influence how the ministry should be operated.

Benin through the lens

May 19, 2017
Luke Society Executive Director Dr. Wrede Vogel recently visited Dr. Martin Luther Osse's ministry brought back these photos.

Day of Prayer and Fasting

May 15, 2017
Luke Society family worldwide spends extra time in prayer each May, lifting ministry needs before our Heavenly Father.

Videos share ministry voices

May 12, 2017
Three new videos give the opportunity to see and hear places where the Luke Society is active in the work of the Lord.

New life in Christ

May 10, 2017
Children in Moyobamba, Peru, region to experience restorative care during cleft lip and palate procedures May 11-13.

Profile: Vicksburg, Miss., USA

May 8, 2017
Learn more about the Luke Society's only ministry site in the United States, and is under the direction Dr. Peter Boelens.

Sex education proves impactful

May 5, 2017
A unique agreement has allowed Dr. Beatriz Navidad into the public school in Metapan to share a Gospel-backed message.

Rene: Send technology as aid

May 3, 2017
International assistance can come in many forms, but what developing countries are lacking is technology advancements.

Preparing for the journey

May 1, 2017
To properly cultivate a relationship with Christ we sometimes need to get outside our comfort zones and trust God.

Giving the gift of time

April 28, 2017
Amongst the busyness of life, taking time to serve others is a way to show your commitment to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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