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Waging war against addiction

November 13, 2017
A patient at The Right Way in Rivne, Ukraine, shares how the power of alcohol took over his life and cost him so much.

You are blessed

November 10, 2017
Sermon on the Mount gives special attention to the types of groups with which the Luke Society regularly works.

Memories fresh 32 years later

November 8, 2017
Dr. Jose Luis Guerrero still vividly remembers the events of an earthquake that impacted Mexico City in 1985.

Nicaraguan rain delay

November 6, 2017
Heavy downpour provides time for communications director Dan Breen to reflect on another river crossing many year earlier.

Profile: Segou, Mali

November 3, 2017
Learn more about the Mission Saint Luke ministry in Segou, Mali under the direction of Dr. Bourama Sidibe.

The heart of circumcision

November 1, 2017
Dr. Cindy Van Andel shares how the act of circumcision is not foremost physical, but a spiritual choice to follow God.

Serving under fire

October 30, 2017
Dr. Wrede Vogel received an unexpected surprise when he met up with a former acquaintance bravely working in Syria.

Profile: Rivne, Ukraine

October 27, 2017
Learn more about The Right Way ministry in Rivne, Ukraine, and its co-directors Vitaly Korsunsky and Oleg Kolbach.

Mexico through the lens

October 25, 2017
Luke Society Communications Director Dan Breen visited the ministry in Jalapa, Mexico, and brought back these photos.

Small number, but large impact

October 20, 2017
Small population doesn't stop Lugansk, Ukraine, team from venturing into location with severe lack of health resources.

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