Palawan, Philippines


Ministry profile

The Philippines was the Luke Society’s first venture into international ministry in 1981. Today, Rev. Ben and Dr. Susie Cayaon are keeping the light of Jesus Christ burning in the South Pacific through their ministry on the island of Palawan. 

The ministry was set up in Quezon in 1998. Dr. Susie tends to the area’s physical needs through her clinic, while Rev. Ben provides spiritual nourishment to residents through spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Susie’s clinic offers a variety of primary care services, including obstetrics.

A radio ministry delivers Christian health talks and faith-based music to local villages. A Christian preschool has been set up and is even supported by many Muslims who trust the school’s reputation for good education. Ben is active in providing Christian leadership training to tribal pastors in the region.


Rev. Ben and Dr. Susie Cayaon

Directors profile

Rev. Ben and Dr. Susie Cayaon are joyful servants who tirelessly manage a comprehensive ministry that has transformed lives and communities in Jesus’ name. Ben has gifts in training and equipping new pastors while Susie operates a well-established and well-respected clinic. The husband-and-wife team are a gifted couple whose desire and abilities to serve the Lord are encouraging and effective.

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Philippines Facts


Population: 101 million

Size: 300,000 sq. km, or slightly larger than Arizona.

Capital: Manila

Borders: No land borders; located among the South China Sea to the west and the Philippine Sea to the east.

Religious groups: Roman Catholic, 80.9%; Muslim, 5%; Evangelical, 2.8%.

Primary language: Filipino, English

Literacy (age 15+): 96.3%

Physician density: N/A

Population below international poverty line: 25.2%

Life expectancy: 69 years

Infant mortality rate: 22.3 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Major exports: Semiconductors and electronic products, transport equipment, copper products, coconut oils; fruits.

Climate: Tropical marine; northeast monsoon season from November to April; southwest monsoon season from May-October.

Terrain: Mostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands.