Dr. Bourama Sidibe speaks with individuals in the Segou, Mali, region which in 99 percent Muslim.

Segou, Mali, clinic construction

By Dr. Greg Kuiper

The Luke Society’s unique strategy of empowering national doctors and nurses to provide health care while sharing the Gospel message of eternal life continues to yield impressive dividends.

A remarkable example of the success of this approach is seen in the Luke Society’s newest African ministry partner, Dr. Bourama Sidibe, who is working in southern Mali. Since joining in 2015, he has hit the ground running.

Sidibe began his medical ministry by renting a small home in a strategically located rural village. He constructed an addition to this building and brought in a water supply, converting it to a workable clinic. But with the success of his ministry, he has quickly outgrown this facility and now manages more than 300 clinic visits per month in addition to many more patients treated in community visits.

Sidibe has extensive training as an evangelist and church planter along with his medical credentials. This has proved to be a highly effective combination when working in the rural Mali villages which are nearly 100 percent Muslim.

His compassionate and competent care has earned the respect of Muslim leaders. A village chief warmly endorsed Sidibe recently, stating “We are so grateful for the good work you have done in our village…we encourage you to keep doing this.”

However, it is the lives saved for eternity that causes Sidibe to give all the glory to God. More than 100 people are now regularly engaged in Discovery Bible Studies. Predictably, many of these people are coming to faith in Jesus as they read and study God’s Word. Sidibe’s parents are Muslim and his father has two wives. Recently, four new followers of Jesus received baptism — two of them being Sidibe’s half-brothers.

His ministry is also bearing fruit through a literacy center that was started this year. As students learn to read, they are encouraged to use their newly acquired skill to read God’s Word, planting seeds that will hopefully germinate in the future.

Ministry staff members participate in daily devotions every morning, but also join Sidibe in fasting and praying. Frequently, they pray through the entire night for the country of Mali, the church, unreached peoples and for missionaries working in Mali.

As Sidibe plans for the needed expansion of his ministry base, he has already purchased the property on which the new ministry center will be constructed. He has dug a well, equipped it with a solar powered pump, erected a water tower and is in the process of making bricks.

You can be a part of the success of this vibrant ministry and enable Sidibe to function to his full potential in an enlarged clinic. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for this project.

Thanking you for being partners in Kingdom expansion.

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Segou, Mali, clinic construction

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