A staff housing facility would enable nurse Indielou Dougnon to better staff his clinic and contribute to continuity of the staff.  (File photo)

Kayes, Mali, housing project

By Dr. Greg Kuiper

Most of you are aware that the majority of our Luke Society ministry directors serve the Lord in locations that are not the most desirable in which to live and work. They willingly do this in obedience to God’s call to reach the underserved, demonstrating the love of Jesus to “the least of these.”

One of the challenges of serving in remote rural areas is finding well-trained medical staff to work alongside the ministry director. But even when these individuals are found, an additional challenge presents itself. In many of these rural locations, housing facilities are in short supply. Even when well-trained workers are identified and wish to join a ministry team, it might be difficult for them to relocate.

This is exactly the challenge that Indielou Dougnon faces with his ministry located in the remote community of Aite, Mali. Indielou has a marvelously dedicated group of staff professionals who serve beside him. But several of these staff members have no choice but to accept housing with families in town who are willing to let them use a corner of their home as an apartment.

As you can imagine, this is not an ideal situation for long-term retention of team workers. Indielou has a solution, but is in need of assistance. For the past year he has been in the process of making bricks with plans to one day build a modest structure that would provide a single room dwelling for several of his staff.

Please join us in raising $20,000 to finish the construction of this vitally important housing project. Doing so will help to bring long-term stability to Indielou’s ministry team, providing these dedicated workers with a place to call home as they bring hope and healing in Jesus’ name.

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Kayes, Mali, housing project

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