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The Luke Society provides resources and support for international Christian health visionaries who are passionate about ministering to the needs in their own cultures. Our ministry empowers nationals to share the saving graces of the Gospel through preaching, teaching and healing. Read more about who we are and what we do here.


To participate in God's plan of redemption by following Jesus' example of teaching, preaching and healing (Matthew 9:35-36). Read our Faith Statements. 


By Kate Staab

It's pouring here in Kasei and the sound is magnified by the tin roof. I love it. The peace from listening to a rainstorm is quite wonderful. It's also the rainy season here in Ghana which has been a huge blessing because the temps have been (relative to Ghana normally) cooler. The first few weeks we definitely felt like we were melting, but now we occasionally walk outside and are greeted by a sweet breeze and pleasantly surprised by the temp — but there are still days when the heat hits us hard.

Maddie stayed in pediatrics and got to start and remove an IV, administer a few meds, get to know some patients' sweet smiles, and build relationships with the nurses. I moved to the lab and enjoyed it much more than I anticipated. I drew blood samples, helped run a few tests and enter patient information. Rachel spent a day in the pharmacy and then a few more back in the lab because the pharmacist was traveling. She successfully identified my blood type all by herself.


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"Thank you for visiting the Luke Society website. I welcome anyone seeking to better understand the impact of the Luke Society and those who are exploring this ministry for the first time. I hope this website helps you understand clearly the mission of the Luke Society, and gives you a glimpse of how the Kingdom of God is expanding through the work of our ministry partners."

Dr. Wrede Vogel